What happens at the end of dating

phone-sex-girl-with-dark-hairI’m sure you’ve been there, done that and all that jazz… Dating…  In the beginning, all you needed was someone you knew, a friend, a family member to ask the person you liked if she/he liked you back.  Of course you had the match makers, some who worked from their kitchen tables and others who formed corporations and for whom dating became an industry. (A $2 BILLION industry if you must know, but what’s a few millions between friends)

This was all before the internet, when the world was easy, or certainly easier and when boy knew girl, boy liked girl, boy asked a friend if girl liked him, and then hopefully, boy asked girl out.

That was then.  Now, we have online dating, thousands of profile to sift through, lie detection fully operational, hoping to catch the cheaters, and if not cheaters, the embellishers. Ok… I’ve made that word up but you know what I mean, those who embellish things, like posting a picture that was taken 20 years earlier, or 100 pounds lighter.

I have read somewhere that online dating was for most a place to hookup, and by that I mean… well you know what I mean! True, I was looking for the perfect companion, but in my book, the perfect companion makes a superb lover and if you can choose between one who loves “it” and another who doesn’t, which would you pick?  Come on… You can tell…

Online dating is like an all you can eat buffet…  But just like any buffet in your local neighborhood, you’ve got to be careful about what you put on your plate.  Same with online dating.

Not everybody is looking for love though, but one thing is certain, everybody is looking for a companion.  What you do with that person is of course up to you, but my guess is that “you know what” is certainly on the agenda.

So what happens when, after the umpteenth date you come home alone, and you certainly could do with a little “you know what!”  What happens then?

Well, you could call a friend and drown your sorrow in beer or you could try phone sex! Don’t laugh!  It’s cheaper than taking a date out for a meal and doesn’t leave you feeling frustrated.